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Finger pain

May 19, 2013 - 0 comments



finger pain










hand pain

9:47 AM: Fingers didn't hurt immediately when I woke up, but still hurts my fourth finger right hand smallest joint significantly to spread my fingers or stretch the finger at all.

The fourth finger on my left hand hurts to spread my fingers/stretch my fingers too. The pinkie does not, but it does hurt to press on the joint when my fist is closed. When I press on the joint that way, the fourth finger on my right hand used to grind, but it does not any more. The two fingers on my left hand still grind. It seems the fourth finger on my left hand is starting to progress the same way my right hand did.

After I stretch my fingers out to test for pain, they ache for a little while afterward.

I have no other consistent aches or pains in my body, but I do get a momentary ache or shoot of pain through other joints, like my elbow, my knees, or other joints of my hand here and there. That could be I slept, allergies, just the process of waking up.

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