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Finger Pain and OT appt

May 22, 2013 - 0 comments



finger pain







My fingers hurt worse when I woke up this morning than they normally do. Normally in the morning they're not that bad, and they get worse as the day goes on. Today they were aching as soon as I woke up and stayed that way.

I've noticed a couple times now, when the smallest knuckle, fourth finger, right hand is really aching, the pain has started to spread to the middle knuckle. I don't know if that is part of the problem, or if it's because I'm constantly pulling on and stretching that finger trying to get the smaller knuckle to pop or do something to release some of the achy-ness. If it keeps up I'll have to mention it to the musculoskeletal guy on June 5th.

I saw the OT people today. They agreed with me that the old trauma showing on my xray has nothing to do with the pain i'm describing. Unfortunately, they didn't have any idea what's causing the pain. They said this problem is really weird, they haven't run across anyone else with something quite like it, so they are sending me to the musculoskeletal doctor on June 5th. Hopefully they can figure out what is wrong, because whatever it is, it seems to be spreading.

The OT guy was a bit scared that it might be RA, though he says he can't imagine someone as young as me getting RA. It concerns him because the wax bath thing helped the finger, though only for a couple minutes. He said that could just be because any heat will help for a minute or two, but he said I could also be responding to that therapy, which is a bad sign because it is designed to help with arthritis, and OA has already been ruled out. They are mailing me my own wax bath thing, so I can continue using it and see if it actually helps or not. He is also concerned because of the general progression. RA tends to start in one or two knuckles, and then spread out, and he said it can make your fingers want to curl, which would explain the pain straightening my fingers.

Then again, he said someone my age getting RA is almost unheard of and those things could be caused by who knows how many things. So I'll just have to see the musculoskeletal guys and hope they can figure it out. He did note on my sheet for them that he was concerned about RA and wanted to rule it out though.

I really really hope it's not RA. That would be horrible :(

There seems to be a trend in my family of getting medical conditions that confuse doctors. I really should have expected this by now.

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