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The Angels in our life.

Apr 08, 2009 - 9 comments

I was chatting with dominosarah late last night when she told me she was 7 years sober today.It's also her grandsons 8th birthday today.She stopped drinking on his first birthday.Shes also coming up on a year clean from hydros and anyone who talks to her knows that her kids and grandson played a defining role in why she stopped.I can so relate to that because my granddaughters were my saving grace also.They saved me,without saying a word,without even being old enough yet to realize that I was an addict and that I was killing myself everyday I kept using,they saved me.They need their grandma in their lives,but I don't know that they will ever realize just how very much their grandma needs them.I can remember when I was going through w/ds and the pain would get so intense the one thing that would bring me comfort would be to pick one or all 3 of them up and sit in the rocking chair and watch an episode of spongebob.I would just hold on to them and smell their hair and kiss their little faces and for at least a few brief moments the pain was gone,the fire inside me was restored and all the world was right.They are the center of my universe,my reason for being,the main reason I am clean today.They're my angels.My beautiful,sweet,life saving angels and it's an honor and a privilege to be their grandma.To all of you parents,grandparents,aunts or uncles that are struggling today reach out and hug the angels that are in your life.It's amazing how much strength you draw from them.Much love to all.....Kim

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by dominosarah, Apr 08, 2009
I just talked with my angel.....He brought everything back to reality for me.  He is the love of my life.  Too look at the world thru his eyes is so exciting and new especially for me.  There was a reason he came into my life and i am so glad i finally stepped up to the plate to embrace the blessing that was given to me.....sara

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by cathy5841, Apr 08, 2009
Kim, this entry brought tears to my eyes...I have an awesome little angel too.  Thanks..

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by Totsie59, Apr 08, 2009
Sometimes when we get wound up and all up tight...all we need is just one of those hugs or sloppy wet kisses..And I do love looking at the world thru their eyes..To them we have no faults...we are perfect! To us we KNOW THEY ARE PERFECT..Nothing like the love of a child to save us...

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by Totsie59, Apr 08, 2009
Sarah, I hope you GRAND has a great birthday...boy, they grow up fast dont they?

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by Totsie59, Apr 08, 2009
What a great post Kim! Thank You.

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by April2, Apr 08, 2009
Sarah, that is so awesome! I'm so happy for you! You should be so proud of yourself. You are an incredibly strong woman. God bless you, my friend. :) I think you deserve a nice steak dinner at least! :)

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by jimi1822, Apr 08, 2009

       Thank You Sooo Much for posting this, Sarah, Congratulations and May GOD continue to Share His Blessings
        with and through You :o)

                                                       Sarah, continue to "Carrie On With A Spirit That Fears Nothing!!!!

                                                                                                                              jimi (little wing =0)


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by kim715, Apr 08, 2009
Sara,I hope you have treated yourself to something special today.I want you to know that Hannah and I were watching Mary Poppins this morning,that has become her favorite movie.Of course when 'A Spoonful of sugar" came on we had to get up and sing and dance,we always do.I just couldn't stop thinking about today being your 7 year sober date and it being your grandsons birthday and the reason why,especially for your grandson,you made the decision to get clean.I welled up with tears before the second verse,but they were tears of joy.I'm so happy for you and happy for your grandson and I was happy to just be having a great morning dancing around the family room with Hannah,clean,and singing 'A Spoonful of Sugar' !!!!!! Those feelings happened because of what you said to me last night so thank you for that.You are still mine and Hannah's favorite M.P.I just love the he!! out of ya.Hope you had a great day sister.......Love

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by beatingthis, Apr 08, 2009

How very swet you are. I have tears in my eyes. It takes so little to look around you and realize just how good you have it.
I thank God every day for all I have.


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