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tingly hands

Mar 31, 2008 - 0 comments

hashimotos pernicious




Medical conditions


gritty eyes


inability to lose weight

i'm a mom who developed symptoms of postpartum thyroiditis after having my 3rd child.  I let these symptoms (hair loss, weight gain, premature graying hair, loss of lower 1/3 of eyebrow hairs, sensitivity to cold and depression, irritability, memory loss) go unchecked for 2 years.  I was then diagnosed with hashimotos thyroiditis and have spent the last year getting regulated with just t4.  I still did not feel like myself a month before finally being regulated so i was put on anti-depressants and had blood drawn to test for anything else that might be wrong with me.  I was diagnosed with pernicious anemia and low vitamin D.  I now take a daily multi vitamin, D3, and calcium along with levoxyl and anti-depressants.  I had weekly and then monthly and now once every 3 months B12 shots.  I still feel like I"m missing something.  I wake up frequently at night b/c my hands are tingling and numb.  It is a very disconcerting feeling and has been happening for the past 5-6 months but never before that.  My other weird symptoms are new allergies to rabbits and pollen of some sort in past year, muscle soreness, occasional carpal tunnel, ecxema on one big toe, a rash that is constantly on either side of my nose in the creases at the bottom, red bumps on the back of my arms, inability to lose weight despite trying both diet and exercise (a lot of weight is around my middle), an ability to gain 10 lbs in one weekend and not lose it, occasional hives when cold, dry skin, coughing up white "curds", gritty eyes, and i get red lines across my entire eye when I go to the movies.  Strange but true..Anyone have any ideas about what else I could have.  I just don't feel like I'm missing something in my diagnosis.  

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