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Extremely high BP/

May 26, 2013 - 0 comments



High BP

It was thought I may have had bronchitis at the beginning of this month. The coughing lasted, yet seemed to not be as bad as time progressed. It wasn't until this past saturday evening, the coughing became worse and my blood pressure rose to 197/124. It toggled around 180/115 and gradually increase to the 197/124. It was Sunday morning just after work, i called health Link. I thought I was having slightly blurred vision. I think it was partly my glasses :(. I did not want to go to the Hospital so I decided to attend the Urgent care facility close to where I live. My BP was alarming at 197/124. I did not really have symptoms, but I did have some wheezing and coughing with some phlegm which started up again. The doctor on Sunday said there was some wheezing and crackling and that considering I have been coughing since the beginning of the month, if it has not cleared up. He said if the coughing is still happening in two weeks, then I will need to come back and get a CT scan done.He gave me a note excusing me for minimum graveyard shift for a period of five days so I can get some real rest.

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