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Feeling Worse

May 27, 2013 - 0 comments

asthma attack







Today I woke up and chatted with some people on the Internet. I began to feel worse. I had not felt like eating or at least much for about 2 days. I started feeling phlegm like back at Safeway in Burnaby.I thought I better see the Doctor. When I arrived I was wheezing like crazy. The took me in right away and assessed me. They gave me 2 doses of the nebulizer, which worked. I could breath in better (not feeling as if my lungs would only breathe in so far). I was written a prescription for antibiotics,  prednisone, and ventolin( 2puffs, qid). Symbicort to continue 2 puffs, tid. By afternoon I tried to have some Chicken noodle soup at my favorite place Gagga and could only finish 1/2 of it and took awhile to have that much (small- med bowl). That night I was already feeling better and was able to have a meal.

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