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Day 2 NO tramadol

Jun 11, 2013 - 3 comments





day 2





So I'm almost not sure how I got here. I didn't intend to stop right now, I intended to taper further. I was going on every 8 hours, then pushed it to 12 hours pretty easily... maybe because my slip up from my taper didn't last really long. Then I took my pill Sunday night, watching Game of Thrones finale, at about 10pm. The next morning at 10am I felt ok so I thought, I don't need this yet, so I'm not taking it. I got further and further through yesterday and said, well heck, lets see if I can make it 24 hours and I did.... almost too easily. I had alot of RLS last night that made it tough to sleep through, but I took Hyland's Restful legs 2 times I woke up and it helped like instantly. I'm just hoping it does a good job tonight too as I'm sure it will only be worse. I have been feeling pretty antsy, anxious, ect typical feelings I get when I had been stretching time between my doses in the past months but in all honestly, not as bad. Why?? I'm a little scared, wait, A LOT scared of what is to come. Why during my 2nd day of wd do I not feel like complete crap? I'm actually out in the field working today.... well, kinda working. I am making it a light day but I have to keep busy I think if I laid in bed I'd go crazy. I worked out last night... actually felt amazing, although I sweat like crazy during that class, much more than normal. I was kinda sweaty last night too. I guess my body is sweating it out. I wish I had a workout to go to tonight. I'm physically tired and even last night it was tough to start moving, but once I did, it was good. Maybe I'll do it myself tonight. The only other thing I'm feeling is a headache coming on, but is that because of w/d? Maybe, maybe not. I get headaches while on tramadol all the time. Hopefully it isn't too bad. I will probably try some tylenol or ibuprofen for it just to see if I can nip it in the bud.

You know what is kinda keeping me going through this... besides all the amazing support (and tough love... you know who you are, haha) is that my birthday is in a month, and i'm going back home to visit my family. It would be AMAZING to turn 32 and be done with this stuff! and last summer when I went back home for almost 2 weeks I was concerned about having enough meds.... I'd LOVE for this time to not have to worry about anything like that!

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by hydro_fool, Jun 11, 2013
Hmmmmm.   Now who would that "tough love" possibly be????   LOL

Don't stress out over NOT feeling bad!  Embrace it and celebrate!  
I really want you to keep pushing trough!  You are already past the point of tapering so just keep going!

PS: Please dont forget to follow the tips below if you have any difficulties over the next year okay?   I know I gave them to you already, but here they are again.  Keep the exercise and sweating like crazy going!   It saved my butt and shortened my suffering dramatically.  I know I told you about that but I think you are now seeing first hand how much it really helps.  If you can get to a dry sauna 30 minutes each day it would be a huge help also.  If not... maybe some sort of clothing that promotes sweat while working out?  Sitting in the attic?  LOL    

So proud of you!   You really impressed me I have to say!  I knew you could do this!  
You will be all smiles during your B-day visit home!!!!!




Here is a guideline that really... REALLY works.  As long as you are ready to quit once and for all it will get you through everything!   If you are serious..... follow this with a passion.  It will save you a world of suffering and get you to where you are LIVING again!

Fluids, Fluids, Fluids!   Water, Gatorade like crazy!  Flush your body for the first couple of weeks.

Imodium for diarrhea as needed.  I did not take as I figured it was my body's way of getting rid of everything that much quicker!  

Vitamin C:
C may be beneficial in supporting the immune system and reducing oxidative stress. C can be obtained from a number of dietary sources such as citrus fruits and juices along with green vegetables such as peppers. Recommended vitamin C during withdrawal are 2,000.

Vitamin E
E also acts as an antioxidant in the body to reduce damage from free radicals and oxidative stress. Vitamin E will work to restore proper functioning of the blood cells. Recommended dosages of vitamin E are from 1000 to 4000 IU daily.  This will also help with keeping your mood a little more positive. Tons of sun is even better, but dont take D if you are going to be in the sun all the time.

B vitamins are thought to combat stress and help maintain nerves. Opiate withdrawal causes an excitation of the nervous system, B-complex containing 100 mg may be helpful in restoring the nervous system. It may also help with fatigue that accompanies withdrawal.

Calcium and Magnesium
Cal\Mag helps with anxiety, which can be severe. It also helps to relieve muscle tension, RLS, twitches and cramps. Recommended doses of supplements include 2,000 mg of calcium and 1,000 mg of magnesium.

L-Tyrocine will help with the loss of energy during the withdrawal and recovery process.  During the first few days I took up to 3500mg to help keep my energy up.  Again... just the first couple of days for that high dosage. After the first couple of days I backed it off to 500mg or 1000mg depending on how sluggish I was.  It is also know that L-Tyrocine will help the brain restore Dopamine which is what all of us Opiate,Tramadol,Suboxone etc abusers need to restore.  The sooner we restore Dopamine to normal production the quicker we can return to normal.  

Sleep (or lack of)
For sleep it's a bit more difficult. Start taking Malatonin each evening!  Take 5mg 30min before bedtime. It might not "seem" as though its working early on, but it DOES help the body restore normal melatonin levels so much faster than if you dont!  Trust me on this!.  Just do it every night.  The other thing is hot baths, hot showers, and some need to use sleep aids.  If you can avoid sleep aids do so. (less is better)  Epsom salts in the bath will help draw out toxins. When RLS and restless body starts get in an very hot shower or bath.  It really helps!   I was in the tub and shower multiple times during the night for 9 days, so go easy on yourself and expect this to happen.  It's normal and sleep is the last part to return to normal.

For the severe loss of energy I have done the following:
When I start to "crash" during the day I take 2 Vitamin C tabs, 1000mg L-tyrocine, and 2 droppers full of B Complex sublingual liquid.   During the first few days when I was almost crippled from lack of energy I also drank 3 heaping scoops of a chocolate protein powder from GNC, but only for the first few days as it can cause a bit more anxiety if you continue after the first 2 to 3 days of complete crashing.  After the 2 to 3 days do the earlier mentioned C,L-tyro etc.

Tell your doctor of your issues with the addictive meds!  THIS IS HUGE!  
Many of them dont realize that Tramadol/Ultram is also highly addictive so tell them to never EVER give you that drug either!  Also call all your pharmacies and tell them to not fill any narcotics, trams, subs etc.  Telling your doctor, pharmacy, dealer, friend, family, spouse etc is a very "freeing" experience and will help your recovery tremendously!  It really will.  It's as though this HUGE weight has been lifted.  Empower yourself!

I also started eating healthy after week one. (food was not very appealing till after week one)
Fish, veggies,and fruits and nuts!   I also began juicing in the morning and afternoon.  Lot's of veggies, but a little fruit in the mix to sweeten it up a little.  Don't do this at nighttime though as sleep is difficult enough and you wont want extra energy at bedtime, but DEFINITELY during the morning and afternoon.   Since you are getting healthy and off the "crap" lifestyle why not be kind to the body.  Plus you will shorten your suffering dramatically by adding this step to your plan.

If you want to speed this entire process up and return to normal more quickly do the following.
I know it seems impossible but it will cut your recovery down by many... MANY days!  And trust me...... Shortening it by days is huge especially when you are standing in a hot shower on day 4 at 3am, not sleeping and wondering when this is all going to end.   Exercise and sweat!   I cant stress this more!   It will SAVE YOU TONS OF SUFFERING!    Work out as much as you can everyday.  If you can also get into a Dry Sauna and sweat for 30 minutes each day it is totally worth it!  Join a health club for 30 days if you have to just to get to a dry sauna!  Seriously!  Sweat and exercise!

Also remember this.  (I was not aware of this until this go-round)
We will continue to have thoughts of these meds for up to a full year!   Apparently they modify a portion of our brain/cortex that can completely void us of the knowledge of "Why do I want to use a pill".  I have gone months and months in the past and then out of the blue thought.... Well how about for just this weekend I take some etc!  I could never EVER figure out why that happened.  No matter how good or bad my life was going at the time I would stumble and screw up!  It drove me crazy wondering "Why?"  I even went to therapy trying to figure it out.  Then by chance I stumbled into a professional med doctor who explained the "opiate" abused brain function.  It can rear up out of nowhere and make us want to use an opiate type substance for up to a year!  It IS a direct correlation to these type of drugs and I am sure we will all be hearing more about the "First Year of Opiate and Similar Drug" awareness.  Anyway.... .Be very, VERY aware of this during your first year okay?  Don't give in!

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by Jbean77, Jun 11, 2013
Thanks hydro_fool :) I am about 100% sure I'm flushing the rest of my pills as soon as I get home from work. I'm nervous that if I get feeling worse that I'll be tempted and i REFUSE to throw almost 2 days away!!!

I am trying to embrace the fact that I'm still feeling decent. I guess I"m just in shock honestly. Its like all I can do is wonder when it's gonna hit me. When it's gonna get really bad. I'll be sure to let y'all know! hahaha. :)

I have basically everything on your list. Others have given me lists of what has helped them as well. On the positive side here, I'm pretty big on exercise anyways. I actually have a class scheduled for tomorrow and Thursday so that will be interesting but I'm set on going to them.

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by hydro_fool, Jun 11, 2013
Awesome!    Yes.... FLUSH THEM WHEN YOU GET HOME!   Call your doc and tell them never to fill them again,  Call the pharmacy and cancel any refills.  Also tell them to never refill narcotics, trams, ultram, etc for you again.  They are very supportive.  The more you can do the better.

Keep pushing and its great that you are big on exercise.  It will really help you out.

Again.... Great job!   You made my day!


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