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4th IUI

Apr 02, 2008 - 0 comments

So I had my 4th IUI yesterday.  RE did an ultrasound before IUI and found out that I had 8 mature follicles.  She told us their was a chance of multiples and asked if we wanted to cancel this cycle since I had so many follicles.  SHe had also mentioned doing IVF instead but it was too late with the Ovidrel trigger.  The biggest was 23 while the onthers were between 20-17.  We went full steam ahead and decided to go along with the IUI.  I can only hope that I would be so lucky to have twins.  I am so bloated and have such a heavy feeling on my lower stomach.  All night last night I kept an ice pack on my lower stomach.  I feel like I can barely zip my pants.  I am so excited for Monday, April 14..that's when I go for bloodwork.  

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