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Lucy 06-13-13

Jun 13, 2013 - 1 comments






Lucy is finally back at home.  She spent the entire day at the vet.  She is sleeping and still seems to be out of it, but the operation went well.  She should be back to normal in a few days.
The vet did 2 incisions of 1 cm in diameter and deep to the first lay of muscle, therefore, not very deep.  No be safe he did some stiches that Lucy should not disturb.  She was good last time.  We hope she will be good this time as well, as she does not like her collar.  They will be removed in 2 weeks.
The vet sent the lumps to be analyzed and we should get some results on Monday or Wednesday.

Lucy hate when she came home and inspected the house before going to rest in her corner.  We hope she will kick back to normal in no time again.

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by opus88, Jun 13, 2013
hi Laurent, I've been watching for an update this afternoon.......sooooo glad the surgery went well and Lucy is home recouping. Now we have our fingers crossed for good results from the analysis....she sure is a trouper..
some hugs and pats for our little girl....((♥))

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