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Terror about Custody

Mar 29, 2009 - 0 comments






Picked up Sam's luggage today.  Told LB that he can not cut off my contact with SLB while she is in his custody if he is not willing to oversee her medication.  He said he will never be responsible for her meds.  I said that he can't cut me off then (phone), and if he does it again I'll have to have him arrested for child endangerment.  He then told me to leave his home and never return.  I became more insistant about my concern, getting louder but never yelling, while he became enraged even nearing physical threats, so I headed to the door. As I grabbed the door handle, he informed me that he and his sister, Iva, "decided" (while he was in New England the last week) that "Iva wanted Sam to move to her house for school and be her mom since no one else did".  He pointed out that a High School in Rhode Island would provide her with a far better education that she could get in Hawaii, and a New England H.S. would help her get into a Ivy League college.  Iva wanted her to move in and go to school out there.  I left immediately.  Sam had mentioned going to summer school, maybe, but hadn't said anything about full time.  I don't think she knows about her Dad's plan.

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