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feeling great

Jun 14, 2013 - 4 comments

I have been camping by myself for 5 days, think  I will do more only me time. Missed partner but its allright. The me time was so good for me, cut my meds right in half, with no problem, for 5 days. Met other nice couples to talk to when I wanted, roasted marshmallows are so good. Going home tomorrow morning. Want to keep my inner peace.

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by 17mthssober275, Jun 23, 2013
Still feeling really good and maintaining my peace and serenity. Meds still cut down, and doing really good. Associating with only people who are also loving and caring. Keeping busy and positive.

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by dolmen, Jun 24, 2013
Good girl Judy! pleased for you,keep in touch
Love Wendy

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by 17mthssober275, Jul 01, 2013
Hi, hope you are doing good. Travis and I are going camping tomorrow. Weather supposed to be good, so we can swim in the lake and pool. Should be great fun. Put up our pool here today, we can use it when we come back. It is finally hot out. Talk to you soon and take care
Your friend

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by tootslarue, Jul 04, 2013
Hey Judy!!  good to hear from you!   hope you guys have a great time camping.  be safe getting there and getting home!   it is really hot here!    no pool though!   i will spend the holiday weekend in my bedroom as he has stocked up on beer.  I'm gonna head to bed,  super early, but I am really tired!! take care!!


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