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2nd wk blood test

Jun 15, 2013 - 1 comments





blood tests



Still waiting to get the viral load at 2 weeks ... probably come in on Monday, June 17.  The CBC, CMP showed more signs of anemia, but the good news is that my ALT is now NORMAL, not abbie normal :)  AST is also lower, but still slightly above normal...  AST/ALT is now 39/35.  A bit odd for the AST to be above ALT ... I've read that at baseline that would indicate signs of cirrhosis, but after some tx, the meaning is unclear ... could be just random variation perhaps.  Uric acid is high ... 11.4, upper limit is 8.  So far so good.

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by Diana66, Jun 15, 2013
Don't worry if AST is above with a few units. What I learned in this year since I had blood counts ordered by 2 doctors at same time is that: same blood, from the same arm put through the same machine I assume came up with 2 sets of results sometimes quite different. I had platelets showing for example 65 and 73. So it appears that the tolerances are quite high. You had a very good drop, so you might get your UND at week 4 :)

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