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(my story)pvc ablation

Jun 15, 2013 - 7 comments










June 13th 2013
I was suppose to be there check in at the university of washington at 6am surgury was to start at 8. However recieved a call from dr's nurse the night before saying a emergency pacemaker was scheduled before mine so now show up at 8am and surgury will start at 10am. So my surgury was scheduled for  that thursday the 13th  so i  stopped my rythmol 112mg which is half of the 225mg pills (rythm control drug) on tuesday night at 6pm was my last dose. Then wednesday the day before my surgury i was going to  only take  1 dose of my atenolol which i usually take it 2x daily  25mg at 6am and 6pm, so i took  the morning dose and was going to skip evening BUTTT..... heckkk no, i couldnt do it. my heart was in full effect pvc mode so i went ahead and took the evening dose as well. I was suppose to be med free all day the day before the  precedure but im so sensative that i knew i would still be having pvc's,  not to mention i havent missed 1 dose of my atenolol in 12 years so i was kinda scared to not take it.  Anyway i got off my rythm meds but took my atenolol (blood pressure) med day before and the  day of surgury i took (NOTHING) so i woke up at 6am threw on my clothes and left quickly because i knew the more i was up moving around my heart would be having terrible pvc's, pac's, and runs. I literally had my clothes layed right next to me, threw them on,  brushed my teeth, peed and got in the car and left.  My kids dad was my driver! We are a 45 minute drive from the hospital. On the way to the hospital my pvc's were really kicking in i was getting them about every 4-5 beats then bigeminy, also was feeling small 3-4 beat runs off and on. My anxiety was through the roof . Got to the hospital, checked in and began waiting the waiting game. Got called back about 20 minutes later where i started the prep for the surgury room. Got my iv started, blood drawn, in my gown, put all my belongings into bag, hooked up to the heart monitor and waited for my ep dr to come in and have me sign the paper work. He came in right at 10am smiling away :-) he went over the risks and possible complications and explained what he was going to do. He was VERY pleased with what my monitor was showing saying (BOY YOU ARE REALLY SHOWING YOURSELF TODAY) meaning my pvc's were really cooperating and he was excited to get started. He said most people coming in for a pvc ablation have there pvc's stop and or dont cooperate at all,  or they just  dont flare up and the procedure is a fail. However i was getting 10-25 pvc's a minute with some exceptions of 5-10 a minute. I signed paper work put on my socks and hair net, kissed my bf good bye, jumped in the wheel chair and off i went to the operating room.
   Upon going  into the OR  i was greeted by 5-6 of the most sweetest cheerfullest, happiest go lucky nurses and dr's. The room was HUGE with about 4 tv screens right next to the table i was asked to get up and lay on. TONS of equipment and BIG bright lights. I layed down got hooked up to 1287645382746252628282991828 billion wires lol and pads all over me. They strapped my hands and feet down and strapped the leg compression pumps around my calves. I immediately started panicking BIG time. begging, and crying to be put out!! i became very emotional and scared. DR then came in and said i could get something to get comfortable, that didnt work so i begged for more, that didnt work so i begged again :( finally i started to feel a bit of relief. Dr asked me my name and birthday and then everybody stated there name and surgury date and time it would begin. Next dr said i would feel some burning and poking in my groin area where they proceded to numb the area for the cathaters to be inserted. i felt burning and bad sharp poking. they ended up putting 2 cathaters in each side and groin. my procedure lasted 6 hours where the whole time i just felt skips, flutters, super fast heartbeats, chest pressure off and on. I kept falling in and out of sleep napping for 30 minutes at a time. HOWEVER here is the thing i want all of you to know. The more medicine i kept asking for the more it kept slowing down my heart rate and pvc's so they kept encouraging me to not have more meds but every time i woke up i was freaking out in a panic and wanted to be put out again.  The first 5 hours was strictly mapping, pacing and checking my structure out. last hour was the burning/ablating then trying to induce the pvcs again. i remember waking several times and turning looking over to my left at the tv screens and seeing my heart beating on the screens with the cathater in my heart moving around it was really weird. also feeling like a pop corn machine in my chest. other times a very rapid heart rate.
   Finally i heard them say ok we are all finished we are going to take out the cathaters now WERE ALL DONE NOW! I started then  waking up more fully. They  kept me laying flat while wheeling  me out. I got back to my recovery room and remember looking over at the monitor and BAMMMM NOT 1 PVC. I had to lay flat on my back  for 5 hours though which was very hard. I was in normal sinus rythm. They monitored me for 3 hours and i had still  not had  1 pvc.  finally  the dr came in and said im pretty sure we got the spot in your rvot (right ventricular outflow track) and we burn a spot about 1cm by 1cm. and he said we didnt see anything else abnormal and i never went into any dangerous rythms like i thought i would. no afib, no cardiac arrest, nothing bad! but he said he what he wanted to do was  start my rythmol, atenolol, & a 81mg asprin all for 1 month during healing process and heart muscle inflamation. Then after a month i can get off the rythmol and asprin and should probably stay on some sort of beta blocker because my body produces such high anxiety naturally that it just might help but up to me. SO...... from the time surgury was stopped the 3 hour window  before i re started all the meds i had not 1 pvc, and still not 1 pvc. I believe i am fixed. I am a religous person  tho and believed Its all because of God!  I will know more in a month when i stop rythmol and re visit him. He  reassured me tho that no worries if something comes back he can always try another time but will  give me less medicine so it doesnt supress the heart so much. i wish i would have not took so much medicine :( if i would have done it differently i would have! oh well i lived through it and know better next time. im 3 days out and STILL PVC FREE yippeeee praise the Lord. I know some of you might be thinking im pvc free because of rythmol but only time will tell youre right.
  As far as my recovery i feel great. no pain ANYWHERE. I feel totally normal,  as if nothing ever happened.only thing i feel is a bit of sore groins and a lil bruising. i stayed one night in the hospiatl and  left the next morning at noon. i havent felt any skipped beats or runs. my heart rate right after surgury was in the high 60's low 70's and all normal sinus.
  Thanks for listening and sorry so long and detailed. lets all keep our fingers crossed for the month mark and check up :) i feel like i could run a marathon lol well least get right back on the  treadmil but no worries im not i have to keep reminding myself im recovering and to relax :)
p.s i would totally do it all over again

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1569985 tn?1328247482
by DeltaDawn23, Jun 15, 2013
This is wonderful news!  Didn't you have pvcs before your procedure even with the Rythmol?  So if they are gone now, even if you're on the Rhythmol, it sounds like you're golden.  I am so glad it wasn't terrible.  It gives me hope that I can manage it.  I'm glad they kept you overnight tho, it seems like a bit much to be going home right away.  It does sound like someone was watching over you.  Yay!

3885607 tn?1348508726
by horseluver4, Jun 15, 2013
@DeltaDawn yes some days i did have break through pvc and runs while on the meds however there were some days i had very little to almost none. i wish i had a straight forward answer like RIGHT NOW! haha but ya know god teaches us patients so thats my new game. learn to be patient lol :) youre so sweet. i pray you stay in nsr! ((hugs))

1807132 tn?1318743597
by MichelleP_3811, Jun 16, 2013
Well it sounds like they found the spot.  Keeping good thoughts you are pvc free from now on.  Take care of yourself.  Congratulations.

1317224 tn?1378705134
by MaryLL, Jun 16, 2013
This is wonderful news!! You're a champ for going through all of that and still being able to tell us all about it. And to the naysayers, I say "Go with the present hope!!" I'm really glad you are feeling so good too. It sounds like your recovery will be much easier than you had anticipated (don't we fear the worst? I know I did too.). I also am praying that you will be PVC free forever. take good care of yourself. In this a-fib stuff, it's one day at a time. And it feels great when those days start stringing themselves together---hugs!

1423357 tn?1511085442
by tom_h, Jun 16, 2013
Excellent recount of your procedure, and I'm glad you're feeling better.  Hope you're not limping too badly.

Avatar universal
by wmac, Jun 23, 2013
Has anyone heard from horselover4 lately?

Avatar universal
by saraw65, Jun 13, 2019
horselover4, how are you now? Still pvc free?

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