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Fathers Day~Sunday

Jun 16, 2013 - 2 comments






Last week on Sunday it was my last day on Suboxone and I am starting to feel better, but not completely yet. I know it will take time and I need to pray for patience and healing. I am still following the Thomas Method and the Amino Acid Method too and its seems to be helping : )  The clammy feeling and not sleeping at night are starting to get to me, but again that will take time too....My favorite recovery prayer that I need to keep reading over and over again is the Serenity Prayer <3

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by feelinglonely, Apr 08, 2014
I need some advice im trying to get off pain killeds used for like 5 ysars bought a handful of suboxones is this gonna help or am i gonna have withdrass from those too please help me i need to be clean not only need to nne but wanna be

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by weaver71, Apr 08, 2014
I like the analogy, using subs for hydro addiction is like killing a fly with a shogun. I feel the same with any fast acting opiate. I wouldn't mess with the subs, and subs saved my life. I just see people get in more trouble using them off than street than help. Just my opinion. Subs are the second strongest opioid on the market, unless a person is taking a lot of strong opiates, the subs are an upgrade in addiction.

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