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nst/ultra sound

Jun 17, 2013 - 5 comments

Baby was not moving like the dr wanted her to so the scheduled me for an ultra sound tomorrow morning. Her heart-rate was great. I am just exhausted! Not sleeping well, lots of potty runs and crazy dreams...on top of a bloody nose. Lots of rest on tap for us today.

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2082492 tn?1366727308
by Bnl1024, Jun 17, 2013
I can completely relate to you. i cant get comfy at all i wake up all night with braxton hicks that are getting more painful than they use to be. and on top of that i have to pee like at least 3-5 times a night! haha and yes the dreams are pretty outrageous! Im just so ready for this to finally end! im ready for my daughter to be here already. Hope you catch up with your rest today!

296076 tn?1371334474
by melimeli, Jun 17, 2013

1169162 tn?1331232353
by nola0805, Jun 17, 2013
Hope you get lots of rest.  and I hope that the ultrasound is perfect tomorrow!!

1310570 tn?1404719992
by zara2010, Jun 17, 2013
I agree with Bnl on all fronts! Yes hope you can get a rest when you can :-) x

342693 tn?1425621476
by bfromthed, Jun 19, 2013
Thanks ladies...see today's journal...its been a heck of a 24 hours!

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