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Apr 13, 2009 - 0 comments






Spent the last week at the house in the mountains for the easter break, went a couple of days ahead of everyone to clean up as I dont think anyone had been there in about a year. It was great... just me and nature... no internet, minimum phone contact. Very peaceful. Over the next few days as relatives flooded in I was too busy to notice any changes in mood really. Though I have noticed that the Crohn's is definately creeping up again, so going to see if I can get an appointment tomorrow. The past couple of days I've been feeling like I'm coming down and today I think I may have been having another mixed episode, where I've been in a constant rage and a complete wanker to everyone around me and I hate myself for it. Just generally hate myself at the moment... and hate myself for that too. I'm just so tired of everything.

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