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It is done...

Apr 02, 2008 - 1 comments





d & c

So I was at the hospital yesterday. The gynecologist told me he could do the D&C and re-clip my tubes, cut them & burn them. I want to say YES! But I call my hubby and ask his opinion, he said: "You know my answer to that". So I told him to leave it alone, my husband wants us to have another baby. I'm not 100% willing, I'm in part afraid I might miscarry again...but no one can tell me IF I will even get pregnant again and IF I do if I will miscarry. I just need to keep a pregnancy test at home and has soon as I think I am pregnant to do the test and call my doc for an U/S. To avoid a tubal pregnancy.

The people/ professionals at the one day surgery care were just great! I cannot complain, I was treated like a princess and they cared.

I woke up from the surgery with a nasty headache, that even a Tylenol could not get rid off. I wanted to get back to work this morning but my body said NO, and my hubby was enforcing it.

It's been 24hrs and I feel great. No more headache and no bleeding. It's almost like nothing happened and this was just a bad dream...Physically I'm ok...mentally...well that's another story, but it could be worst.

The human body is just unbelievable. The reproductive system is has strong has our instinct of survival. And my maternal instinct will give in to whatever my reproductive system decides...whether I want or do not wish another child...

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by imgonnabeamommy111608, Apr 04, 2008
its a very painful thing. i know how you feel although i have not experienced a D&C yet. thats on monday, and i have no clue what to expect.

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