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white bumps on penis

Apr 02, 2008 - 2 comments

bumps on penis





I am a virgin, but for as long as I have known, I have had small white bumps around the base, shaft, almost head, on the sack and near scrotum - seen some in other areas; like, the niples. It does not hurt or itch. What is this? Noticing it at 13, I had no worry about it, but it has began to take its tole on me come around my current age. Having this problem has lead me to avoid relationships, to avoid sexual contact and a possible embarrasment. Any one know what it is?

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by Bbbr123, Jan 04, 2009
im 16 same here man it would ruin me if a girl actually saw n was like.. yeaa yaaa diiggg

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by noname2009, Jan 05, 2009
well if ur a virgin and had no sexual contact at all yet .. its prob nothing serious.. most likely it is just the hair follicles. the roots of the hair...given you started noticing it at age 13.. the time when hair would be growing in thos areas.

but its always good to pay attention to ur body and if anything changes then should maybe ask ur doctor, but i dont think u have anything to worrie about right now.... oo and most guys are going to prob have what u have...its just from the hair growing

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