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Med Problems and Insurance

Apr 03, 2008 - 0 comments







extended cycles


irregular cycles


heavy bleeding


swollen glands

I am writing this primarily with the hopes of getting someone who knows something about my problem to look at it and offer some advice since the forums won't let me post any new questions right now.  

I have been suffering from extended cycles.  On average, I'd say that they last from four to five months.  Currently the one I am on has lasted since November 1st 2007 and has been comprised of very heavy bleeding and blood clots that range in size from pennies to fingers.  (One day last week, I actually saw one as long as my index finger.)  I am very worried because it's been causing me a lot of problems (especially exhaustion) and I'm starting to miss classes because of it.

I'm a college student who has no insurance, so if I'm required to take a doctor's note in at any time, I will be in trouble.    And as an A student, I'm bothered because I'm very tired and moody most of the time and it's affecting my concentration.  I've been finding it very hard to focus on my assignments, yet I have finals coming up with no less than five papers to turn in.  Also, I can barely make the short walk from one class to the other without my heart pounding like I've just run a long distance and when I'm at home, if I walk up stairs I have to stop and rest.

As of yesterday, I noticed that my gum/throat was swelling and today it's so painful that I can barely swallow and when I do there is pain.  (left side of my face) so I had to miss classes again, having just missed last Thursday.

This (except for the swelling) is a preexisting condition that I had when under my parents' plan with Kaiser so I am trying to get back with them because I'm hoping that maybe this time since I'm able to be responsible for myself  I will be able to get to the doctor without having to beg my parents to take me.  (When it first was noticed, my father thought that I was faking the tiredness to get out of working around the house and because it was a gynecological problem, I never really explained it to him until last week.  My mother on the other hand only took me a couple of times, but not often enough for me to be able to discuss fully if the treatment was working or to find something different when I started having such bad side effects, so I basically just quit the medication and stopped seeing someone.)

Now on to the questions:
First I would like to know if there will be any difficulty in trying to get insurance with Kaiser because I will be seeing them for a condition which I have, or if they will accept me considering that the condition was first diagnosed by them.

Secondly, are there any sort of student rates available for Kaiser?

Having talked to the County Board of Health, I realize that there are no doctors there, but would it be possible to get  them to prepare a note should I be required to have one at school?

Provided that I am able to get insurance, what should I ask the gynecologist or tell her regarding my problem in order to get the best possible treatment?  \
Formerly I was on the pill at 17 or 18 but didn't stay on long because it wasn't working, so before I was 19, I was put on something else similar to the pill  ( I apologize but I can't remember what it was called though I may have a record of it somewhere) that made me have various side effects over the course of a couple of months so I completely took myself off of it.  After that, I'd mentioned to my mother that I needed to see the doctor again but we never went.
My problem was never really diagnosed properly I think, though at one point an ultrasound was done but I never really got the results from it.

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