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Lucy 06-24-13 Results

Jun 24, 2013 - 1 comments










Dear All,
As you recall, Lucy went back for surgery for some lumps on her tummy.  This surgery was recommended by our vet and the specialist who did the ultra-sounds.  Lucy bounced back pretty well.  We will have her stitches removed on Thursday.

The original biopsy of these lumps were just fat lumps.  Our vet did not believe it and asked the lab to redo the analysis.  The vet called and informed us that they were cancer cells.  Low grade cancer, as the previous one, but they still appeared again just one year after having removed one side of Lucy's mammary glands.

The vet has now 3 recommendations.  We are back to square one, kind of!!
1) Removing all her mammary glands on the other - meaning an other big surgery
2) Chemo - meaning stressing Lucy every time we would go there
3) Monitoring closely the spreading - meaning that if he spread in her liver or lungs, there will be nothing to do.

We are inclined to go with the 3rd choice.  Lucy will be turning 15 years young in 2 months and she already went through a lot.  She bounced back pretty well after each surgery, but it is truly an inconvenience and pain to her.  We can tell, as the last time she was very hipper and somewhat aggressive when she came back home after her last surgery.

We will meet with the vet to discuss again on Thursday, but I think our mind is set.  We want Lucy to have a good life, which she did so far, and we want to keep it that way.  Her brother went through a lot of tests and pain in his last days instead of just enjoying his last days, relaxing at home with us.

Feel free to share your feeling or experience to guide us to choose another option if we hear about great results.
Thank you in advance for Lucy.

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by opus88, Jun 24, 2013
hi Laurent and Lucy....what a trooper at her age to bounce back once again from yet another huge surgery.
good for you dear Lucy♥

I'm sorry for the end result of the biopsy however I must say I am not surprised, mammary cancer as you know can be aggressive unfortunately.
That being said I tend to agree with you on the options given, to put her through more extensive surgery or chemo at her advanced age just doesn't seem fair. At 15 she has lived well beyond many and had a good loving home and for the most part spend ones last year(s) in pain/recovery and not feeling well d/t chemo isn't fair to her. And I know you always have her very best interests at heart.

my readings on cancer diet is NO grains and high good quality protien.

my love to the both of you ♥

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