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Lilah had Roseola

Jun 25, 2013 - 0 comments

Last wednesday Lilah started with a low fever and just not acting like herself. Thursday night it go extremely high..almost to 104! Scared me but we were able to get it down with a nice bath. The fever broke sometime before 2:30am but she still seemed "off" on the Friday. She was very irritable through all this and hardly slept at all. Saturday morning she woke with a rash all over her face, chest and back. Then she was itching her head like crazy. Roseola normally isn't itchy and she was so upset that I took her in at 9:30 that night to emerg cuz I just couldn't take it anymore and I wasn't sure if it was roseola. He said it was...couldn't explain the itching but said benadryl could help. She didn't sleep very well again so the next day I went out and got some for her and it definitely helped her sleep without being irritated. Sunday the rash was still there, Monday it was mostly gone. Today she has nothing and is completely back to normal and feeling much better :)

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