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Apr 04, 2008 - 0 comments

So I had not heard back from my doc after yesterdays ultrasound. The blood and the cramping scared me. At any rate, I went into work when I woke up not feeling bad. I had to teach my receptionist to pay the bills and that took most of the day. I took my biller out to eat and we talked.

I called my doc cause they still had not called me and they told me to call back if no one called back after lunch...UGH. I went back to the office and had one of my nurses start an IV on me and run about 1000L of fluid into my veins because I have not been able to keep up with drinking water since I have just felt the morning sickness since March 4th.

So as I sat back at my desk with my feet up having fluids ran, I talked it up with the staff as they came by trying to catch me up on the weeks events. I was content. Less stress than sitting at home worrying about what the heck is wrong with my body.

I called the doctors office, who seemed to be all the more confused and did not know where my U/S films were. Eventually the doctor calls me and apologizes. She said, "Everything looks Great, the fetus is 9 weeks today, there is a small bleed at the site of implantation, and all I can say is that I can't tell you, that you will not miscarry, but many mothers go on to have healthy pregnanies, it is small so I am not overly concerned." So with that said I am still in Limbo. I know no more today than I did for the past week sitting my restless self at home.

Now I am going back to work, but plan on taking it easy. She told me not to hike a mountain, move furniture, do anything strenuous. So I am going to be a good girl and not climb mount everest or rearrange my house.

DH was around with DS today before I came home from work, but departed before I got home.

I roamed around the pregnancy section of the book store before I came home to search for some books that might assist me to assist DH with the pregnancy and what to expect. I wanted a book wih colors and what not, but the selection was limited. I will try B&N tommorow maybe. Or look online.

DH misses me I know and I miss him to, but there is something that God is trying to do here and I just have to let him do what he does.

It has been a long day and I am ready for bed.

Prayers to my little bambino...May he stick like crazy glue until he is fully ready for the world.

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