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Birth story

Jul 09, 2013 - 1 comments

My birth story...

So I woke up tuesday at 730am to get the kids ready like normally would and had the urge to goto the bathroom. I usually get the urge to go to the bathroom in The morning so this wasn't out of ordinary for me, IBS *****. I also had this cramping feeling right under my stomach where the belly button is, not normal contraction feelings so didn't think that was what it was. Well every couple mins I had the need to go to the bathroom like when you have an Upset stomach, so I emptied myself pretty good.. My stomach was constantly hard so again didn't feel like contractions, funny thing is that Friday I was having BH every 10 mins for 3 hrs not sure if that had anything to do with it. But anyways after being on the toilet for 20 mins on and off and emptying my Bowels, I felt like if today was the day i better get my *** in gear and get the kids to daycare. Well my 4 year old refused to go she said she didn't feel well ok great. If I'm in labor no big deal she can come with me it was my 2 year old I needed too get there. So I drove her to daycare dropped her off, while doing this I kept getting the BH type contractions about every 5 min. So i drove home. when i got home i tried drinking some cold water because I just realized I haven't felt him move since last night he's usually pretty active in the morning. And I went and laid down on my left side and tried to get him to move. Well 5 mins in I had to go to the bathroom again this time just before I went And stood in front of the sink I bent over and felt a sudden gush, when I checked it was bright red blood. Ok I knew something wasn't right, called hubby told him what happened and I was driving myself to the hospital. He freaked and said call a ambulance i said no its 5 mins away i would drive and He would meet me there. So as I'm driving the tightness started to feel like contractions and were coming every minute.

Well we get to L & D an I tell them Im 35 weeks, and what happened. They called my midwife and hooked me up right away. As they started monitoring me my contractions were becoming shorter , every 45 sec , I had cramps from the front of my stomach to my back they weren't very painful. Than out of no where I felt a sudden gush and constant trickle of fluid. They checked me and it had more bright red blood, but it was  mixed with fluid so they thought it was my water breaking . The doctor came in to check me out since my midwife wasn't there yet. He told me he couldn't see my cervix because there was to much blood in the way , they also wanted to do the strep b test as well, because i didn't have a chance to have it yet. So a couple mins of me being there my DH was there and he took our daughter to his moms and rushed back thankfully she lived close to the hospital . While DH was gone I had more fluid with blood come out, my stomach was still hard, contractions were 30-45 sec and baby wasn't liking it, they came and checked me to see how far dilated I was. I was about 3-4cm . Doctor came back in and DH just happened to be back as well.

This is where she said we needed to a emergency c section because they believe my placenta was abrupting, the constant contractions, hard stomach and the dreaded blood.  my body was tolerating labor but the baby was not liking what was happening so they needed to get him out now. I asked if it was necessary or could i wait to go naturally they said no :( So they prepared me for c section it happened pretty fast. When everything was ready and they got him out he was crying right away. He was 6 lb 5 oz and 18 in long. the NICU  was there and took him and asked DH to come with them. while stitching me up They said to my midwife, (ya she made it in time :) just as I was going in to surgery . That they found 2 baseball sized clots in the placenta and that for sure my placenta was abrupting. My midwife then  examined my placenta too and came back and told me by the look of the clots and  placenta if I waited even 30 mins more to come In things could of been way worse . Well geez glad I listened to my gut about things .

Anyways moral of the story always if in doubt or you don't feel right go get checked out ..  
I have probably could of explained it better but typing in the iPad ***** . Thankfully me and my baby made it out if a very scary situation.

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by mrs_araujo, Aug 07, 2013
That's so scary!!!  I'm glad everything turned out ok!
I'm 24 weeks and don't feel right :-/ I'm having tons of pressure and heavyness! I feel like something is definitely wrong, when i went to L&D the other day the monitored baby's heart and checked my urine for protein, said i was ok an sent me on my way!!! Will i get a ultrasound if i demand 1?

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