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Am happy I am alive!

Apr 18, 2009 - 2 comments

After reading Lulu's post this evening..I am thankful I am alive! Sometimes I loose my focus in the middle of not feeling well and think the world revolves around me. Her post was an eye opener for me. Yes, I am still stuggleing with symptoms, a failed attempt at a diagnosis at Mayo, and the heat coming my way along with the weakness it brings.
But today I worked in my friends garden making her garden look beautiful in thanks for her always being there for me, taking me to the doctor and making meals for me. Today I felt good enough to do something for someone else! I am blessed! A wakeup call for all of us to reach out to one another!
Thank you God...that I am alive and can see my grandchildren, work in my garden and be blessed with so many friends!

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by Heather3418, Apr 18, 2009
Your journal entry made me cry.  You are so's not all about us, is it?  It's about giving back when we can.  What a beautiful thing you did for your best friend.  Doesn't that make you feel so good inside?

You are a true treasure, sweetheart.

I'm happy I'm alive too.....  Sometimes we need reminding...

You worked hard get a little rest....

Feel well and refreshed, for a job well done.


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by flowerfloosey, Apr 18, 2009
Thanks Heather. Didn't mean to make you cry..I am just feeling kind of sad that I focus on myself so much when I am alive!!

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