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video of Brayden dancing to Black Eyed Peas

Apr 19, 2009 - 8 comments

Brayden loves this song so much when he hears even the beginning of it he starts hoppin! I love it!

Hope you enjoy!

Link to Youtube. If it doesn't work just do a youtube search for "Brayden dancing to boom boom boom".


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284738 tn?1283106819
by pinkbelle, Apr 19, 2009
oh my gosh patty.. that is just the most adorable thing that i have ever seen..the boys got moves : ) i love it!

871965 tn?1241833146
by birdie549, Apr 19, 2009
Wow! He is delightful and sure has his groove on!

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by pookie1121, Apr 19, 2009
hahaha :)

250155 tn?1485295939
by kennedydp5, Apr 19, 2009
that was so cute!!!  he's got the moves...the cuteness... and an arm (i see a future in the NFL!!!).  he's a tripple threat, lol!!!

121828 tn?1333464491
by kellym, Apr 19, 2009
Great video! Enjoyed it, cutie!!

159063 tn?1247272817
by babyprayers, Apr 19, 2009
OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am dying over here in good ol new york.... that is absolutely priceless... that was funny/cute/adorable all at the same time, do you crack up laughing each time he does that patty??? god he is beautiful..

208686 tn?1293030503
by pcarsey, Apr 20, 2009
Thanks Ladies! He has been doing this "dancing" since before he had strength in his legs to keep him It's so funny when one of those songs come on, it doesn't matter if we are at home listening to the radio or going down the road in the car, if he hears them he gets a big smile on his face and starts moving his little body. Yes Luci- we crack up every time. I think he thinks we are funny laughing at him so he starts laughing and that just gets him moving

There are other videos on that page under "more from: pcarsey2006".

I'm glad you enjoyed them!

208686 tn?1293030503
by pcarsey, Apr 20, 2009        brayden playing with his daddy        brayden *somewhat* dancing to poker face. His daddy kept tossing him the ball and distracting

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