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Jul 14, 2013 - 2 comments

Yep. I've found freedom. Freedom to love, to feel incredible joy. Even tho I've still got bowel probs with agonizing, excruciating pains this morn, I haven't lost my joy. No devil in hell is going to steal that. I love my 'new' life. My faith in the Lord is a wonderful thing to have. So amazing! So many signs of His love for me are being revealed every day, new lessons learnt. I'm just so happy to be off those awful meds. What a huge lessen I've learnt about medications. But, if I hadn't had those probs with the meds, I don't think I would've sought God again, for help, as before that, tho I always believed in Him, in Jesus, I was too scared to trust. WOW! Now, it's just so wonderful. LOVE! WHAT A BEAUTIFUL FEELING! Far better at relaxing me than any stupid old valium, which never did a thing after awhile. Only went on it as I'd read it helps tinnitus stop. It did, for 2 weeks only. By then I was hooked. Then came the ambien, just because  I'd had a few restless nights, with not much sleep. The ill informed psych said it's non-addictive & I trusted her. WELL IT IS! And even worse than valium, the way it destroys the CNS, the brain, the STOMACH, everything! Thank God I got off it when I did, as many others have been on it for longer & have terrible, horrifying consequences. I'm glad I did my research.

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by clean_in_ks, Jul 15, 2013
Such a great journal, girl.  Your progress is amazing and such a joy to read.
"There are three things that remain----faith, hope and love---and the greatest of these is love." I Corith 13:13

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by shugalug, Jul 15, 2013
Thanks so much, Connie! You've answered a question I had, probably at the same time I was thinking about it. I was wondering where that verse was & what the whole verse even was. I knew the last part "The greatest of these is love", but couldn't recall the first part & had no idea where to find it in my Bible. So, how about that!!! Amazing!!!! Thank you, Connie.
Be blessed!

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