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Baby Noah- Labour Plan

Jul 15, 2013 - 1 comments

So plan for labour, Jay as birthing partner, also starring hysterical me. If labour starts during the day we will try keep active, depending on my pain threshold. Walking to shop nearby, staying around kids so it will calm me (i hope) maybe watch tv, sway hips, squats! Chit chat with the kids. When hotting up go for bath/shower, RELAX! When a little more sore, head to jays mum&dads (suitcase in boot!) to drop off kids, chat, try take my mind off it all, maybe pace round garden. Try hold off as long as possible.  When i cant get comfortable we shall head to hospital! Aim for a bath when we arrive and gas and air, always option for diamorphine in bath! Then last resort-epidural. Remember you dont want one! You can be up and about after Noah is here, you'll have better control over pushing without it. I only want epidural at 7cm and feeling helpless but baby is only 30mins away!! You can do this!!! :)

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by zara2010, Jul 15, 2013
Sounds perfect!! Im being induced on Thurs so I wont get to have time at home to go through early labour. I would like to try a water birth or some time the bath all going well. Im thinking the same as you about the epidural but your right the less pain relief we have hopefully the quicker you can be up & about with him. I will try keep this in mind when the time comes although Im sure it will be hard. I hope all goes to plan or as close as possible for you x

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