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WOW!!!! so hard!!!!

Apr 21, 2009 - 7 comments

so i dont no were to start my life is standing still while everyone around me is moving on!
been bding unprotected for over 2 yrs now been tryiing propely for just over 1
the hardest sadest cruelest time of my life i dont no if i have ever had a bfp i had a susected loss
never had a bfp though
i love it on here so many insperations ppl getting there bfps and even though were happy and it keeps us fighting im so jelous inside cuz i wanna feel it as i am only 22 nearlly help is hard to come by people dont take u as serious but i n its what i want ans my whole life is on hold
how can something so easy for 90 percent of people be so damn hard for me????
i read everyones story on here and sometimes feel guilty for moaning you women are a tough bunch and thats what makes us the best moms in the world!!!!! we will do it one day and be so grateful and happy and cherish every minute lets not get started on the ungratful young eople who get givin an amazing gift and they dont see it
any way i will be back to rant some more but i think enuf for now xx

good luck to me and all of you x

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758493 tn?1271611163
by tinkerbell101, Apr 22, 2009
Aww babe. I feel your pain and disappointment. It must be so hard and frustrating and my heart goes out to you. I know you must of been told hundreds of times not to worry as you are only young blah blah and I know that doesnt help when you want something NOW but please take comfort in knowing that you have do have so many years ahead to get this right and it WILL happen. I don't know your story and if you are under the hospital/dr etc but I do know that they can do amazing things to help women fulfil their dreams of becoming a mummy. Wanting something so badly is painful especially when you see so many women out there with kids they don't deserve or even want and that makes me sad too but you are going to be a fantastic mummy when your time comes and I really hope its just around the corner. BIG HUG to you hunni x x x

494640 tn?1262737989
by hannah1505, Apr 22, 2009
Debs Thankyou so much! even though i no what u said already it really is so nice to hear it.
i feel guilty on here fr saying it becuse i am not the only person going through it
you no what the nhs is like because i am young they wont look at me to help me i have to kee pushing for the little tests i have had
i wish we didnt have to pay for the nhs in our taxes and we had to pay private sometimes cuz there usless
i no its lucky sometimes but when it comes to fertility there usless
thanks again xxx

494640 tn?1262737989
by hannah1505, Apr 22, 2009
And A Big ****HUG**** To You To x (:

436471 tn?1244569914
by MPA, Apr 25, 2009
Yes I've met some amazing people here. What a wonderful site. So many success stories too. You have to keep the faith. Sometimes it is a longer road to success but once u keep grounded in the belief that one day is gonna be Hannah's turn, evytin is gonna be jus fine. Gosh this is my 4th try. But I am very positive. I'm nervous too but gotta keep my spirits up. You do the same ok. A big hug to u and i both for our BFPs.


494640 tn?1262737989
by hannah1505, Apr 25, 2009
thankyou i am moving to ivf in a couple of monhs im hopig im 1st time lucky but i no it dsent work like tht x

865441 tn?1241092280
by vizslamama, Apr 26, 2009

I know AF came this month and I am very sorry because I know how much you want this. I know how you feel, or at least kind of. We've been trying for so long and it is so frustrating - Somedays I  sure how I can keep going but then I read about some of the other ladies and I remember that I am not alone. Just want you to know that you are a strong woman and will push through and get what you want! Big hugs from the states!

494640 tn?1262737989
by hannah1505, Apr 26, 2009
Thanks so much i no were all here for the same thing and its great to have the suport thankyou x
and good luck x

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