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scared, sad, confused...

Apr 22, 2009 - 2 comments

well i dont know really what to think right now..but i had a bunch of extra pregnancy test so ive been using like 1 every 2-3 days and for the last week every day almost and its like there just getting lighter and lighter....the one from yester day and today is for sure a big diff.....i know that everyone says you cant tell by takeing hpt's if your lvls are dropping but it really is a big diff if i could post a pic of them i would to show......i knew something was wrong...and i know im heading for another miscarriage :( now its just the wait...i havent even started spotting yet..i wonder how long it takes from the levels droping until it will happen...:(

and plz no one tell me think posative everything could be ok....i have a gut feeling for a week now that its hurts to have to go through this again dh and said now that we will be waiting 1-2 years to try again....its just so heartbraking

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by DMarie919, Apr 22, 2009
aw elisha...I am sorry you are feeling this way.  I won't tell you the things that you don't want to hear.  Just know that I'm thinking about you!  Have you called your dr.?  

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by elisha123, Apr 22, 2009
i have talked to him but he is out until next week , so ill have to wait until then or if anything happends befor im to go to the ER ( his good freind who we both trust works there)  ... i dont really trust the other doctors at the clinic because they've all gave me the run around befor , and i just want honesty from them....

the last time this happend i was in and out of the doctors 10 times in 2 weeks and spent a ton of money for **** they could have told me the first its a waiting game

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