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Jul 22, 2013 - 0 comments

hurthle carcinoma


loss of singing voice


Thyroid Cancer


hurthle cell carcinoma

I am now 3 weeks post a thyroid lobectomy including isthmus. The actual healing process has been much , much easier than anticipated. The surgeon used glue rather than stiches for the final skin assimilation and it looks absolutely great after 3 weeks. Wonderful technique - really, really, pleased with the physical out come. My only real disappointment is that I have lost my singing voice completely. I was quite a competent mezzo but that has disappeared.  I am devastated but I try to remain positive as possible. The surgical procedure involves a lot of muscle retraction near the larynx and movement near laryngeal  nerves so it is no wonder that my singing voice is gone. With time and healing  it should return - I hope. I have contacted a few teachers to help with the singing. I have finally decided to wait until the clinicians give a medical opinion about the loss of voice quality before embarking on taking on singing lessons again. Last time I had singing lessons was ten years ago. Each day I am completing 10 minutes of very basic singing exercises.  I am going back to basics and completing the exercise I did those many years ago.
I am now waiting for my hospitals outpatients appointment to find out whether I have a  Hurthle cell carcinoma or an adenoma and whether I have to go through another surgical procedure and possible radiotherapy. I am not really overtly optimistic since some of the risk factors for malignancy seem to be  against me. There are lots of folk praying for me and I hope  the outcome will be positive.  

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