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So as most of you all know over a week ago my Father In Law was admitted to the hospital they only gave him a 30% chance to live. He had a flesh eating bacteria.   The day he was admitted he had a surgery that saved his life from what we where told. The next day he got transferred to Tulsa Ok which is a little over 3 hours away from My Dh and I and his 2 sisters. The only time we get to see him is on weekends. My Mother In Law has been up there with him. My DH and I and one of his sisters have been cleaning their house for when he comes home. We have been cleaning it for a week now and still not done. It is so freaking nasty I dont know how they lived there. They have roaches so freaking bad that you can see where they where eating thru the ceiling. So much trash. Its just unreal. We have to get on out hands and knees just to scrub the floors we have to even scrub the walls where stuff was hanging. When we take things down so much roach poo falls down when you sweep it it looks like an ant hill. We are throwing everything away I mean everything. So if tmi or ranting. But it is just so stressful when there are 3 of their kids plus me and only DH me and one of his sisters going over and cleaning the other sister just came and got some of her and her kids clothes and that's it. Yes I know she has 2 kids but I also have a kid but I find someone to babysit while I go clean so why can't she. I know she had plenty of people to watch her kids cause they watch or watched then while she works. She has them in day care now but still I know the ones that had been watching them would watch them while she goes and helps on her parents house. They are just my In Laws but I still help. Again sorry for the rant.

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