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Lilah is 1!!

Jul 24, 2013 - 0 comments

So Lilah turned 1 a couple weeks ago and what a little monkey she is. She has a great personality! She's very funny and LOVES her brother. I've still been nursing her right when she wakes in the morn and then she gets milk at lunch and a bottle before bed. She's a good little eater...with 8 teeth she can pretty much eat anything and will beg for anyones food.
She's been close to walking but not quite yet. She's a fast little crawler though and will walk around furniture and such. She's also saying SO many words, it's crazy. She says momma, dada, Brady, Bath, dance, ball, night night, pooh, more, and bed all on her own and then she can pretty much mimic anything you try and get her to say. She's very smart and will be talking sentences in no time!
She weighs about 21lbs I think and I'm not sure how tall. We still have yet to take her to her year appt since everyone's been sick with colds.
She still gets up in the middle of the night but I've stopped nursing her then. Last night was the first night she's ever slept through the WHOLE night!! Let's hope she keeps that up! I need some sleep! ;)

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