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I need answers, please............

Apr 23, 2009 - 2 comments








I am not dilvulging my age, simply because I have been told all my life that I am too young to have certain problems. At 19 I went to the dr. with pain in my chest and back, only when I ate. Asked could it be gallstones, he got offended, told me no, Im too young. 4 years later, pregnant, I found out, it was. Thank God for a dr who listened. 4 yrs on Zantac without ins., wow, was I fooled by him. Then, I had what my dr called recurring cyst, "the kind you get every month", turns out it was ovarian carncer, thank God they were able to remove it all before it spread. I told my dr. I I felt like I was stopping breathing, not when I was sleeping, but as I was falling asleep, he said sounds like sleep apnea, but you are young and not obese. That was it. And yet again, turns out, it is.Now, it's more serious, I have SVT (supraventricualr tachycardia) and mitral valve regurgitation, I am dealing with that, been on meds. for almost one year. My hands and feet began going numb, not cold though, not at first, only when they are numb for a while, like if I'm sleeping. I started to notice little twitches throughout my body, my hand or finger, my ankle, now it's big twitches, my back muscle, my entire arm, only when I am relaxing.  I have  pain in my lower back at my tailbone, when I move certain ways it feels as if someone is taking two live wires and touching them, when it flares up it ususally is only for a few days then it goes away for weeks or months at a time. But the last two months, it has not stopped. I can't drive anymore, the movement of going from the brake to gas pedal is excrutiating. When that pain stops, it throbs, all through my pelvis. Now it is spreading to my hip socket, and at times my upper leg bone literally feels as if I have boiling water running through it to my knee. My dr. told me to try PT. I've done that 4 times, 12 weeks, 3 X a wk, didn't help. Please, if anyone can give me anything to ask my dr about I would greatly appreciate it. I am switching to a new dr. tomorrow, I really need to be able to explain things right to this one. I only pray that she actually listens. Thank you for listening, I know this was long. God Bless.

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by boldsojah4christ, Apr 23, 2009
Awesome testimony Sis! The longer the better just more 2 read that's all!! Yeah I know all about back & chest pains!!! It can be a hassle 90% of the time can't sleep @ nites! Can't sleep a certain way yeah I feel ya Sis!! Well I'm here 4u & there are a lot of good people here God bless Shannon

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by jimi1822, Apr 23, 2009

     Here is a prayer that should help to Comfort You and give You Strength and Courage during these tough times.

                         Are any among you sick? They should call for the elders of the
                         church and have them pray over them, anointing them with oil
                         in the name of the Lord. The Prayer Of Faith Will Save The Sick,
                         and the Lord Will Raise Them Up

                                                                                                        ~ James 5:14 -15

                       Love, Peace, Prayers, Blessings and a splash of GOD Given Light....

                                                                                                   jimi (little wing :o)

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