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Syringomyelia or Syrinx

Jul 29, 2013 - 1 comments


It's great living with this huh? I was diagnosed in 2006. My right arm from the bicep down kept going numb. I ignored it and shortly after, the left side started. Finally had C5-C6 fused and it helped a bunch since that is where the syrinx is located and the disc was shot, the gel was pushing into the dura and the canal was pretty restricted. I still have numb arms, painful neck...shoulders...across upper back, hard time swallowing without a ton of water to push food down. I've since been rear ended in a car accident...both SI joints now fused and the symptoms above are like double. I hope I keep recovering as I was an action packed guy; hiking, fishing, camping, atv riding, 4 wheeling in the truck, played ice hockey, softball and any other sport I could, I have 2 boys that somewhat understand.

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