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Aug 02, 2013 - 1 comments

first entry


autoimmune disease



I'm feeling guilty over how careless I've dealt with family affairs. I don't seem to think before I act, a lesson I was introduced to as early as kindergarten. It's funny how worldly lessons work, they're usually so obvious yet are the hardest to remember. I'm going to make it a personal aim to utilize that advice more often.

I learned recently that I might have an autoimmune disease, namely MS. It's really taken me down farther than I may have ever been, but that seems to only be making my internal-self even stronger and more resilient. Something I may need for future obstacles.

My attitude toward it all has been becoming more serene as time passes, perhaps it has to do with the intensity of my symptoms. I'm not sure how long these moments of comparably bliss moments will last.

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by Icannot, Jun 14, 2015
Are you still active on med help? I am now 65 and started asking questions in 2012 after I was taken totally out of commission with Hashimoto's thyroiditis ..having had kidney disease since birth and non diabetic neuropathy pain for which I was on opiates....(why I retired) and having a sudden rise in neuropathy pain which nobody mentioned autoimmune diseases could cause,......and upswing in sweating, colitis, breathing probEms, I had doctors telling me opiates was only thing I could take for pain...(can't take all eve, etc because they cause kidney damage.....this retired pharmacist who had been traveling as an expat with her husband and running around the world 2 yrs prior with little pain....was completely blindsided..
I came back to U SA where we had a computer system and I googled everything I could and saw so many specialists that autoimmune disease symptoms were taking me husband and family suffered because I took myself off of opiates...(with help of my pain specialist who was perplexed)....but my neuropathy pain did husband got a book called "coping with peripheral neuropathy' and is written by dr.Scott Berman who has chronic demyelination get poly neuropathy...
It talks about how to handle stress, disability, anxiety, fatigue, depression, pain..but above all husband had no clue really about why I was getting so frustrated til he read this own daughter is a psychologist and she and I still don't get along but this guy lives the an MD, and please don't think you are alone in feeling all the different crap you are feeling..please get it and read it or especially have your family read it! Sincerely, deb

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