I Must get to the bottom of this Journals

I Must Get To The Bottom Of This

Apr 25, 2009 - 6 comments

I know that a body that has developed this many known diseases and disorders, must have several things of a basic nature that have gone wrong.  My research perseverance has pointed to several possibilities.  I think a lot of issues can be traced back to small intestine villi inflammation and damage leading to leaky gut and esophagus damage as well.  I have very low serotonin, which effects GI motility, blood vessel contraction and mood. (all effected in me)  Even though on SSRI meds, it remains low.  I'm looking into supplementing with 5-HTP, which looks very interesting and makes perfect sense.  The SSRIs only hold onto the serotonin the brain already has - it doesn't give the body any new raw materials to make more serotonin.  

Chronic inflammation needs to be dealt with, but NSAIDS are out, and so is prednisone (except in emergencies) so I'm looking for alternatives.  Since I have osteoporosis, I can't keep taking steroids.  My acid levels need to increase, so I need to somehow get off the Proton Pump Inhibitors I've been on for years, but it's a painful, slow process.  Also, with a hiatal hernia and no esophageal motility, and Barrett's, I can't let any acid burn my esophagus - or since I aspirate - my lungs. So that's a hard one.  But I want to FIX IT!!!  My bladder is inflamed as well, with pinpoint hemorrhages (Interstitial Cystitis) so there's no end to the inflammation (CRP is high)  

I of course want to live longer - we all do.  I'm nothing special there.  My kids have had a rough life and need me.  I HATE them having to deal with my illness and downhill course.  If anyone has ideas about holistic approaches, I'm all ears.  My finances are a BIG problem however.  Because of my ex being less than a good husband, I'm impoverished and on welfare and foodstamps.  Yes, I'm a social outcast.  I used to be an upper middle class gal in a big beautiful home I designed and built on a hill with millions of trees.  Now, I'm in a tiny little home squashed in with too much stuff, and trying to survive on SSI.

As God is my witness - I have learned and grown through all of this, but I am nearing my breaking point.  Something must give.  Something must improve.........................or not.  I know that if I keep going this way, I may become totally bedridden and slip away.  AINT READY!

This is a very poor excuse for a journal entry.  But it's what was on my mind.


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by essdipity, Apr 25, 2009
Jan, it's okay to write anything at all here. No apologies needed.

I feel helpless when I know that realistically I can't work to get you out of this fix and this emotional state. The only things I can offer are friendship and support, so I do offer these. Feel free to PM me if you just want to vent. I'm a good 'ventee,' no problems.


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by missy142, Apr 25, 2009
I am myself a big believer in in alternative or complimentary medicine if you will.  I am not necessarily recommending it to you as that is your individual decision what you try and what you disgard and what you choose.  There is a whole other world besides allopathic medicine out there.  Im not sure where you live but I live about 30 minutes outside Manhattan, and thats where I was working so for me I have alot of access to alot of things some people may not.  I was seeing an md on the east side of manhattan who as I said IS AN MD but now practices "alternative" medicine. Unfortunately these people ususally do not accept insurance of any kind, they spend alot of time with you and sometimes the tests they perform can be quite costly so insurance doesnt pay for them.  But actually with my insurance out of network benefits I barely had to pay much at all. They accept what they get from ins. and usually absorb the rest. They care for people who are very and I mean VERY sick, to people who want to be uber healthy.  They do vitamin drips, chelation therapy, hyperbaric, nutritionist there etc..   I have a long history of fatigue, unwellness generally speaking and pre-menstrual symptoms things I just wanted to address, nothing that pertains to my spine or any of my problems now.  However this being said, there are many good books that obviously you can purchase for much less and in some cases get in a library.  Have you ever heard of Gary Null. He has had a long running radio show NYC for 26 years.  Health show on BAI, now on another station.  You can listen over the internet at www.garynull.com.  He is a brilliant author, Phd in nutrition.  I have been listening and reading his books for about a decade.  Start out going to his website there is a wealth of information regarding natural holistic approaches to just about everything you can imagine, zillions of articles, peer review studies etc.  He himself only personally sees terminally ill patients right now but in NYC he runs health support groups, one of which I used to be apart of.  There is really too much to get into and we can discuss much  further in an email if you would like about juicing, books etc.  PLEASE go to the website there are dozens of articles on just about everything you can imagine.  And try listening to his show, he is on 5 days a week in NY on radio but you can hear it on the computer. There will be a place for you to click on progressive radio I believe it is on his site.  It is on at noon everyday and you can hear his show.  Sometimes he gets into politics and such but he is one of the most well known, knowledgeable,  figures in the so called alternative health field.  Let me know.


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by missy142, Apr 25, 2009
Be careful with the 5 HTP if you are currently taking any SSRI's because first of all some supplements are contraindicated with medications and certain conditions also there is something known as "Serotonin syndrome", please just google it along with looking up 5 HTP.   I dont believe you should be taking 5 HTP if you are currently taking SSRI's .  Please look into this before doing so.


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by rendean, Apr 25, 2009

I am sorry for the terrible state of affairs you are left in. I feel like Ess and wish I could help fix things for you. I can send good thoughts and wishes your way as well as offering to be a source to vent to.

Your medical background sounds even more complex than mine so I can relate on that front. As for the medical issues, are there any clinical trials going on in your area that you could participate in for some of your issues? They can usually be found at academic or teaching hospitals. I believe there is also a listing on the internet of ongoing clinical trials  but  I cannot remember what site I found it on.

As for you being a social outcast, hogwash! Many fine upstanding people have hit harrd times. Accepting help from the government should not make you feel ashamed. Universal healthcare and assistance that exists in other countries would help out many here in the U.S. , but I do not want to get into politics. I just wanted to make the point that you are not less of a person for accepting help.

Feel free to PM me if need to vent.


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by BOK2Bjan, Apr 25, 2009
Thanks all.   I am very knowledgeable on holistic medicine and alternative treatments, but there's never an end to knowledge.  Our bods are so complex that no one has all the answers yet.  This site is helpful and the net is great.  I just wish I had access to all the journal articles docs do.  My PCP helps with this occasionally, but there's a limit of course.

Mary, I'd never take them at the same time - SSRIs and 5HTP.  It's actually contraindicated in MS and many of the other conditions I have.  I wouldn't have thought about it had I not done a great deal of research on it already.  I'll do a lot more before taking it.  Thanks for be worried though! However, since I have my levels checked, and currently, even on SSRIs my levels are very low, Serotonin syndrome is quite a ways away.  The protocols for doses, I'm sensitive to.  Anyway, I think that given what this neurotransmitter regulates, I think it makes sense that I may have a genetic predisposition to either have problems metabolizing the amino acid precursor - tryptophan, or some other problem.  I just want to try something!

I'm a student by nature because I have a passion for teaching.  Learn and disseminate - my perfect world.  It is coming in handy for learning how to manage and treat my conditions, but I never feel like I've learned enough.  Insatiable is what I believe I am.

I appreciate all who care and send well wishes.  I admit to feeling very down and a bit at the end of my rope.  But, I'm certain God will lengthen the rope!

Blessings, Jan

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by rendean, Apr 26, 2009

The website for the clincal trials is wwwclinicaltrials . gov. (Add the . after www and no spaces between trials and gov) It lists current trials and which are accepting new patients.

Hope that things improve for you. Hang in there!


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