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bad, bad bowel day!!

Apr 25, 2009 - 6 comments

I have been so sick, and, yes, I'm still in the hospital.  I can't respond to everyone so I'm going to post here what happened then, when I'm released from the hospital and feeling a little better next week, I will respond to everyone personally.

As some of you know I have *a lot* wrong with me.  I have pretty bad IBS and some days it is so bad that I have to take muscle relaxants or put a heating pad on my abdomen a lay down until the bowels "unkink".  Monday I was having that type of pain with my bowels but it wouldn't stop.  I figured it was stress so I took a pain pill and pushed on.  I started vomiting nearly non-stop but that's pretty common for me too.

Tuesday same pain.  Took another pain pill, pushed through the pain and vomiting - drank a lot of water and dealt with my 4-hour meeting.  About 2:00 in the afternoon my fiance asked if I was ready to grab some lunch, I had to pull the car over to vomit and I said that I really felt I needed to go to the ER (I *never* go to the ER so this is a biggie for me)

The labs were all normal and I was tender on the right lower quadrant of my abdomen but not extremely.  They didn't think it was an appendicitis but pulled up my medical history and decided to to a CT scan, just to be safe.  Here's the results:
Stomach and small bowel appear normal. There appears to the
interval displacement of the cecum across the midline into the
left lower quadrant. Appendix appears normal. Cecum is mildly
prominent and there is focal narrowing of a more distal segment
of the cecum leading up to the ascending colon. Additionally,
there appears to be mild twisting of the cecal mesentery. There
is stool in the distal colon.

Bladder, uterus, adnexae appear normal.

No pathologically enlarged nodes identified. Vasculature appears
normal. No evidence of aggressive osseous lesion.

1. Mild twisting of the cecal mesentery with leftward
displacement of the cecum across the midline and mild prominence
of the proximal cecum with focal narrowing of the more distal
cecum leading to the ascending colon. This could indicate cecal
bascule or volvulus, likely early or partially obstructive due to
the presence of stool in the more distal colon.
2. Normal appearance of the appendix.

The ER doctor sent in the trauma surgeon who explained that my right colon (including appendix) had twisted itself over and was now on the left side of my abdomen!  They put me into a room, ran a bunch of labs, and three hours later in was in emergency surgery having 12 inches of my large intestine removed (and 6 inches of my small intestine).  They said that there is another large area of my large intestine that looks like it kinks up on a regular basis - I pointed to the area on my left side on the descending colon and the surgeon said, yes, that's it - it must hurt.  (duh!)   He said they were going to take it out too but were worried that taking out that amount of colon all at once would have ensured I would be wearing a colostomy bag forever.   They decided to leave that area for now since it hadn't kinked off and started to die and just deal with the critical part.

So, I'll be here at least until Tuesday or Wednesday on pain meds, trying to get my digestive system to figure out how to work again.

Talk about a sucker punch out of no where!!!

Okay, I'm exhausted and in a lot of pain but I wanted to fill you all in, sent lots of HUGS, and thank all of you for the warm wishes.  You are the best!!



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by ChitChatNine, Apr 25, 2009
Utah, thanks so so much for your update .. you have been in our thougths non-stop.  I am so glad you went to the ER because this was serious stuff without a doubt.  My son, at age 12 weeks, had a bowel resection due to a huge duplication intestinal cyst and today he's 10yrs old and can play every sport w/o limitations.  I'm sure the recovery will take some time and I know you will be doing better daily but it must hurt a lot!!!  He was on pain meds non-stop for the first 3 days and in the hospital for a full 5 days.

We missed you at the TGIF Pub last night ... we figured we'd save you a chair at the next one!

Feel better and keep in touch ... we miss you!


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by AnnieBrooke, Apr 25, 2009
Wow, what a story.  I'm so glad to hear you got a decent diagnosis.  Makes you think, doesn't it, that so many people who are blown off by doctors as having "just" IBS might find out that their intestines are in fact kinking up if they were properly diagnosed.  Good luck with your recovery.


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by Smilerdeb, Apr 26, 2009
keep your chin up Utah....youve been through worst battles than this and will be on the road to recovery soon.
Your a fighter.....
Hugs x
Enjoy being waited on (hehehe)

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by redheadaussie, Apr 26, 2009
Glad to hear you made it thorugh ok. Hale and hearty may take a few more weeks, but I am sure you will get there!
My grandmother had a twisted bowel and she was told by her doctor is was gas! Idiot! She insisted on going to ER like you did and luckily they removed part of her bowel in time before she had total blood supply cut off and infection set in.
  See you soon back on the forum!
Gentle itty bitty hug so as not to hurt your poor tummy!

185634 tn?1257071139
by kipland, Apr 26, 2009
YIKES!!!!!  I'm SO sorry that you've had to go through all of this, Utah!!  I don't get on here much, but am up at the crack of dawn and thought I'd get on MedHelp and saw your post.  I hope you recover quickly, and are back on the mend soon.  Take all the time you need....Lord knows you deserve it!
Hugs to you,

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by moemoes2, Jan 01, 2015
hello...I hope everyone feels better soon...ive been suffering again tired of feeling sick and tired..ill try n make this quick..had pain bloating when to first dr.about 3 years ..told me 5 different of course that had to be thrown in..and who wouldn't have anxiety when their stomach blows up..they haven't had a bowel movement in days..i said to him wouldn't u be worried..anyway I finally switched  . got a colonoscopy and I have first  innumerable diverticulosis..all along ive been increasing fiber..well that is a wrong thing to do for someone with so many pockets because a bulky stool is not what u want so I switched to a lighter fiber diet,,, by way I am in very good shape and eat extremely healthy I don't drink or smoke.... .I know I should start 56  I exercise moderately when able...swim.. ....she switched me to a new pro biotic vsl s different than others is a different strain..definitely helped...however I also have an extrememly kinked colon..the colonoscopy I had was very very difficult for her she said..and I said to her isn't it dangerous to have colonoscopy with kinked colon u can perforate it n she agreed so next one will be virtual. Anyway I have extreme pain n now I m almost certain its been the kinked colon I will not be able to go and then after I do I cant t even sit my colon must be inflamed or spasm n my entire rectal colon bottom area is drs have told me many times that my symptoms r not common well I don't care anymore about commonality..I've always been different ..I just need to stop this pain. Listening to all of you i hope that another surgery is not what's needed however ..n here is  the big question..does anyone have these symptoms n any answers or insight ....
thank you for listening ..happy n healthy to all....

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