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Julie's 2nd ACTH on 4/22/09  These are the test results  

Apr 26, 2009 - 0 comments

test result





Julie got the test results back. On the ACTH test her level for Julie's Cushings disease is went UP.  
It was 8.7 last month but, it's expected to go up until the correct mgs. of Trilostane is in her system. The Vet consulted an endocrinologist team & they say Julie is not in any danger & her #'s will come down....eventually.
I read exactly what my Vet said in many of the sites on Cushings.
She is drinking less water....maybe 1/3 less.  Thats better than nothing.
Her blood does not have the cholesterol in it like last's barely visible. Hooray! He said thats from me
feeding her a better diet & the trilostane helps it too. She has to now go on 22 1/2 mgs...thats still a very low dose.

Saturday 4/25
Today I gave Julie the extra dose of Trilostane today. She got sooooooo tired & slept most of the day.
Dr Ness said thats not a side effect of Trilostane but than again,being that it's Julie & I know how Julie is with her delicate she may be sleeping from the Trilostane.  (She needs Tylenol before she gets her shots because her leg swells up for days later& she limps)  

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