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first entry a week + in

Aug 08, 2013 - 0 comments

1 week in

Im only just over a week in and have got over the initial fear of starting this treatment. Not knowing what to expect it is all ok and not as bad as i sometimes thought it could be. I listened to lots of different experiences and there was lots of bad but also **** loads of good. And i have really tried to focus on the good. But sometimes i find comfort ditting in pain so i have tp tell my head to do one and get positive which i am getting better st . Plud i havr started at "college" for first time in yers, health and social care . Im findinh this ok ive alot of support around i have been in recovery now for nearly 8 monnth and doimg good using my program to get throgh this i have dealt with alot in this short time and everything is possible just my head makes stuff difficult. Cant do this on phone cant see what im eriting

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