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first test in long time

Aug 08, 2013 - 2 comments

Never got the actual score today but tutor said I breezed it. Cool . Eas not hard really just alot of common sense needed. A mini bout of depression this morning plus usual pain across  shoulders an the sharp headaches all day. it all comes and goes so i can deal with that today. Just glad i have been able to keep busy. Diet has been ok today just 2coffees. Toast. Cheese salad butty and omelete and salad with garlic ciabatta. Nice. Only a bit of water all day, need to up intake. Going back home for a long w/end to BLACKPOOL cant wait. See family. Few pals and get out of Blackburn for a bit. It is a bit grim at times here.

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by RebeccaJeanine71, Aug 08, 2013
What are you being tutored in??  GED?? (equivalent high school diploma?  What ever it is, keep it up!!!!  Glad ya get to go on a long weekend :)...that should do you some rest for sure!!!  Oh yes... that water intake is very important for cleansing your body.. I have to push myself to drink sometimes!!!  You KNOW it's working when ya gotta pee all the time lol j/k!!!  Good healthy...sounds like ya doing well :). OH I know the pain too...ugh.. I get it in my lower spine, and knees..sometimes headaches too.  MOTRIN works well!!!

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by digger1976, Aug 08, 2013
A fellow brit eh! not many of us around here. Glad it all went ok for you today with your test!

Is Blackburn where you moved too? I've been to Blackpool, very long time ago now, lol. Stag weekend, you know what I mean! Loved it!!!

I live in Newcastle, have done my whole life. I think a lot of the city's in this country are a little grim at times or a lot of times, lol. We just have to keep our heads up and push forward. Sorry to read your going through the mill with hep c, I don't have any experience with this, just wish you all the luck in the world my friend.

Omelette/salad, with garlic bread, very nice, lol. I'll raise you 2 steaks and a packet of space raiders, lol...

Best of British luck from Dig, ;)

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