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I wanted to share a poem a wrote a while and made me think of our journey!

Aug 08, 2013 - 4 comments

Fairy Dust Wishes

Life is often a Challenge,
Combined with the good & the bad.
So, why does it more often,
appear that some are more sad?
To peer out in the darkness,
toward the sparkle in the sky.
Just to be able to sing and dance,
and watch the fairies flutter on by…
Embellishing upon those memoirs,
Of lily pads and jellied hands.
Thinkn’ about those endless days,
of bare feet in the sand!

Wind blowing through the field…
Blowing her hair into her face,
Willows swaying to and fro…
So many stars up out in space.
That soft and cushiony meadow,
laying back to gaze above.
So much thought and confusion,
thinkn’ about the one she’ll Love.
Or, is it just her a’ dreamn’,
of her future soon to be.
Why does she stare out into space,
wishn’ a wish that she might see.

So many Fairy Dust Wishes,
dazzling up in the sky!
I see their wingz a’ fluttering,
as I begin to sigh’.
I think about those memories,
of sunny days and rain.
I wish upon that star out there,
that I might not go insane!
So many dreams of the future,
yet, memories linger too.
So, what do I make of this,
how do I see it through?!
The fear I hold inside me,
keeps finding its way out.
All those Fairy Dust Wishes,
just make me want to SHOUT!!!

©-RebeccaJeanine71 (Rebecca Lockhart)

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by Done610, Aug 09, 2013
Love it. ! Thanks for sharing.

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by RebeccaJeanine71, Aug 10, 2013
Awww.. You are welcome!!! :)  Glad ya enjoyed!! :) I know it's kinda a weird poem lol...but I wanted to pick out somethin' that we could maybe relate to?  Most of mine are love poetry lol

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by starshine7, Aug 10, 2013
Very nice...creative use of words and love the images...I believe you have a talent there woman..... :)

5846921 tn?1426450611
by RebeccaJeanine71, Aug 10, 2013
AWWWW TY Star!!!! :) BIG HUGS!!! :)

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