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Jan's Memorial Service

Apr 27, 2009 - 11 comments

I'm sorry I haven't posted earlier about Jan's memorial service.  Both Gail and I attended. I met Gail for the first time at the chapel.  She looks EXACTLY like she does on her photo's. She and her husband are both lovely people.  Although it was not uinder the best circumstances that we met, I am glad I got to meet her.  She is a strong warrior against our common ailment. To know she is "stable" is wonderful.

Jan had a traditional Church of Christ service. She had chosen three hymns she loved and all of us sang them.  One I remember and knew well was "When We All Get to Heaven."  That song is a joyous song full of Christian promises.  Our Lord promises us that all  Christians will meet again in heaven and "what a day of rejoicing that will be."

We met Lisa (Flicka) and Jan's beautiful daughters.  The females in Jan's family all wore beautiful hats to celebrate Jan's life.  More of Jan's hats were placed on the altar. Jan's Pastor spoke so lovingly of Jan and her feisty personality. It was obvious he thought very highly of her.

Lisa had one of her family members take a photo of Lisa, Gail and myself. She is supposed to post it on MedHelp this week. I know she is really tired out. She had to be at work today. (Monday)

I will truly miss Jan. Although I only knew her for about two years...I will miss her presence in my life.

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by knightrider, Apr 27, 2009
Sorry to hear about Jan.Sound's like she was a beautiful.kind and loving friend.She's at peace
now and in GOD'S hands.How did she go?Was it battleing a long illiness?


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by justscore, Apr 27, 2009
Thanks for the update.......
Wearing hats was such an amazing tribute.  I'm glad you got to meet Lisa and Jan's family.
I'm sure it was a comfort meeting her cyber friends!  

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by TrudieC, Apr 27, 2009
Thanks Teresa.  I so wish more of us could have been there so truly appreciate that some of you could.  Can't wait to see the picture.

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by Sandymac, Apr 27, 2009

Thanks so much for including us..And how wonderful to meet Jan's  family and Gail as well. It sounds like a lovely tribute to Jan. I know her family appreciated you and Gail attending... The hats are so "Jan" !! How great..

Thanks again,

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by JC145, Apr 27, 2009
Thanks, Teresa.  It was wonderful you and Gail could go and represent us here on the forum.  Nice to meet Lisa, too.  It sounded so peaceful and loving.


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by ireneo, Apr 27, 2009
Thank you for the description of the service. I love the idea of having Jan's hats there. Some people have flowers or pictures. Hats are definitely "Jan." Glad you got to meet the family and others from the forum. There's such a strong bond when people share their pain and suffering and victories. I'll be watching for the picture(s).

Hugs to you all.  Irene

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by marie3B, Apr 27, 2009
My last chemo treatment took alot out of me.  I was sick and in horrible pain for days on end. I had not been checking in with the forum for a long time.  Physically and emotionally I was unable to do anything but lay on the couch.  I had decided not to take my treatment today.  I couldn't face being so sick for even longer.  I went to sleep last night and had a dream.  Donna and Jan were with me.  I told them I was giving up on this treatment.  Donna cried and said not to give up.  Jan yelled at me and ordered me not to be a wimp and give up.  She said, "No gettin out of it you ARE staying on the chemo.  Now do what you have to do."  I woke up feeling like I had been spending time with 2 dear friends.  One I have only met once and one I met only on line.  I did go to my appointment.  I did not ask my onc to hold my treatment.  I took it just like my dream Jan wanted.  I then came home feeling strong enough for the first time in many days to check in to the forum.  I see that our dear friend has left us to go make heaven a more beautiful place.  She will greet us there when our times come.  I pray for her family and for all of us that will miss her strength and beauty.  Marie

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by Mary 53, Apr 27, 2009
Marie, I was so taken with your post! I wish I could explain how I felt while reading it. I was taken with the beginning of your story where you were explaining the dream. Then I got to the end and when I realized that you did not know that Jan had died, I almost cried. I have not done much studying on dreams but I believe in the power of dreams. I had some very vivid and comforting dreams of my Dad right after he died (I was in college) and the dream my Mom had of my dad right before he died (ten minutes before he died... the call from the hospital woke her up... like Jan, my Dad waited for his family to leave the hospital room before he died) reassured me that these loved ones of ours are with us... Truly with us.

I was always impressed with Jan's writing skills and wish I could express my feelings better. Teresa, thank you for taking the time to post this. On the forum just the other day after the news of Jan's death, one of the posters said she could just 'see' Donna and Jan roaming around above, tending to God's gardens. I love the thought of that!

Teresa, thank you so much for posting information about the service. Lovely. When I read of the hats, I couldn't help but feel a connection because my Mom was known for her hats and we had hats at her funeral, too. Jan had such a dynamite personality. I know she'll find a way to guide us while we navigate this journey on earth.

Love, Mary

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by gah_70, Apr 27, 2009
Wow, Marie!  What a poweful dream!  I'm sorry you haven't felt well lately.  I'm also glad you were inspired to go ahead and take today's treatment.  I will be praying you feel great in the days to come.

I enjoyed meeting Teresa, too, although as she said, I wish it had been for other reasons.  Teresa, you look like your pictures, too, but taller!  LOL!  I did enjoy the time we spent talking.  Makes me wish I had gotten there earlier so we could have talked more.  It's always good to talk to people who have been through this journey.  I agree with your post on the forum...we all owe it to each other to tell each other about our experiences so we can compare notes and help each other.  I hope we get to meet again soon, under better circumstances.

I took a picture of the hats at the front of the church I will post in my profile.  I don't have the one Lisa and Jan's bro-in-law took with Teresa, Lisa, and I, but I think Lisa said she was going to get it to us.  The service was sweet, sad at times, and funny at times.  For me, the most poignant thing was the hats...and looking down and seeing the black hat Jan wore the last time I saw her when my husband and I went to church with her and Cory last October.  It was obvious her family appreciated everything everyone here has done for Jan.  Her daughters made a special point to thank Teresa and I.  I know many of you wish you could have attended, but I hope you all know they appreciate very much the tributes and well wishes they have received.  


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by marie3B, Apr 28, 2009
Jan was always the one to get me going when I was in a slump.  If I was gone from the forum too long, she would give me a call. She was also the one that finally gave me enough back bone to make my daughter get me some help watching her baby.  It was too much for me every day.  Jan knew it and kept pushing me to take care of myself.  Now I only watch the baby a few days a week and with help from my other daughter.  Love, Marie

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by dawnlyn, Apr 28, 2009

Thank you for the post.  I am glad you and Gail got to meet.  It does sound like the service was special and the hats would have been lovely.  I believe that the ladies whom we have met here and in person and who are with God now are watching out for all of us. Just like in Marie's dream.  


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