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Miserable Is All I Know

Aug 11, 2013 - 0 comments





lower abdomen pain



These past weeks have been ESPECIALLY miserable. I cry a lot because the pain can get excruciating and the nausea can get so intense. I used to love food so much but now I really don't want to eat anymore. I always feel sick right after I eat as well. What makes all of this worse is the fact that I have a huge fear of vomit. *Sigh* 2 more days and I go back to the Urologist. He told us to go back if the constipation came back again. I mean, it comes and goes but I don't think a Urologist is going to help... I guess I'll take anything I can get. I'm exhausted so I'm going to bed. Hopefully I don't wake up tomorrow and regret that I did.

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