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The Haunting Song Goes On....

Aug 11, 2013 - 3 comments

Sharing another poem I wrote a couple years ago... :)

The Haunting Song Goes On
June 28, 2011 at 4:54pm

It has been like this for many years,
Forever I toss and turn.
The Nightmare which grows from within,
Will somehow always burn.

The dream of a future lost,
One through manic thoughts did bring.
Yet through despair and depression,
My heart, just now can’t sing.

The Haunting Song of detriment,
One which is bonded inside my head.
A melody impending from the hauntingness,
That make me believe I’m almost half dead.

So, as I collect those nightmares,
Trying hard to understand,
Exactly what makes my life tick?
And what came of those dreams I planned.

Suddenly I can hear it,
Life flicks that magic wand.
The melody I heard once in my head,
Now the haunting song goes on…


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547913 tn?1317355667
by jimi1822, Aug 12, 2013
Thought provoking poem InDeed, AweSome and Original =0)

5846921 tn?1426450611
by RebeccaJeanine71, Aug 12, 2013
Awww TY Jimmi!!! :)

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by mandy876, Aug 13, 2013
that is an awesome verse.  I love it it touches home.  mandy876

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