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Ups and Downs

Apr 29, 2009 - 0 comments










The ups:
- I feel less pain now than I did just a week ago, which is good, and has made me a little less worried. However, there is still some uncomfortableness and the lumb on my testicle, so I'm still not quite at ease. In one week I've got the ultrasound check, and then I know more.
- My weight is on its way down again, after going up for a while.
- The weather is nice.
- The applications for my next study-abroad trip is finished. Just hope everything gets approved.

The downs:
- As I said, still don't feel that I'm quite in the clear yet, healthwise.
- School! Exams, reports, presentations, homework, you name it. There is just too much! I have no idea how I'm gonna' be able to finish it all. The only positive is that since its all in May, I'll be finished in a month no matter how it goes.

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