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Embarassing Moments

Apr 29, 2009 - 0 comments

So, I'm incredibly bored today and I thought I'd try this.  I see lots of journals with little questions on them.  Asking what your most romantic anniversaries were like, or funny pet moments, etc.  So I want to try it out.  

I want to hear about your most embarassing moments.  Post as many as you'd like!

My most embarassing moment was a few years ago.  My husband (fiance at the time) was a Corporal in the USMC.  (You military gals will probably love this). Well, he was home on leave and we were alone at his parents house.  So we were having sex.  Ha ha.  We were like rabbits back in those days.  Well, we were trying to spice it up a bit, so dh put on his cover (aka the hat they wear with their uniform).  I winked at him and said "come here, Corporal".  He loved it so for the rest of the "session" I called him Corporal.  Well, it was really good and I got a little too loud. No biggie, we were home along.... right?  WRONG.  His parents had come home part way through our "activities" and could hear everything.  Luckily, dh's parents were pretty easy going about all of that.  We came upstairs for supper a while later.  While we sat eating, his mom asked dh  "How do you like the mashed potatoes......Corporal?"  I was MORTIFIED.   They all thought it was funny.  We still haven't lived that one down.  

Okay, yalls turn!

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