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Day 6 Post

Apr 30, 2009 - 3 comments

post tx


post treatment

Much better day, felt more 'myself', no Temazepam hangover, cos I didn't take it last night.  Can definitely feel the difference...  

Bought flights up to California to visit hubby's mum, despite the swine flu.  We leave in 6 weeks, yay!  It feels great to have travel plans again!

More 'together' today, still have the cough but it comes and goes.  Will see the doctor if it's no better in 2 weeks...  

Energy levels much more constant and my legs don't ache when I get to the top of the stairs, and not nearly so much huffy and puffy when I move around.  Posture is improved.

Feel tired now like an ordinary person, off to bed for (hopefully) another good night's rest!

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by Bill1954, Apr 30, 2009
I thought I’d stick my nose in and wish you good luck; I imagine it feels great to finish up. Where are you going in California? I live in northern CA.

Be well—


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by epiphiny, Apr 30, 2009
Thanks Bill :)  We'll be flying into LA and driving up to the Bay Area to visit more rellies and from there we head even more north to Willits, near Mendocino, to stay with my American Mom!  Lovely part of the world, really looking forward to it!

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by portann, Apr 30, 2009
Great to read your journals. TY. I can't do any myself somehow, so I read yours with great interest. I'm day three and it's all a big blur.


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