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Shingles & possible cancer spot on face

Apr 30, 2009 - 2 comments

Today we had dad's funeral & it was an awesome celebration of his life!  Later in the day I went to the doctor for what I thought was my excema acting up on my back & the dr says it is shingles & the spot I thought was excema on my face is probably a cancer spot!  What great news - huh!  Father-in-law had a heart attack on Monday & brother-in-law has Cystic Fybrosis & now has a drug resistant for of staph infection.  Gotta keep looking up & not let all this get me down!  Hoping for some relief soon from the meds cause this rash is going to drive me batty  :)  OR BATTIER ;)

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by BARBIE123841, May 01, 2009
keep pushin girl

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by CheeserNurse, May 05, 2009
Oh my, I will keep praying for you!! Drug resistant staph...we studied that in my microbiology class as well. Do not worry about the spot on your face, you were proactive about it and saw your doctor, and I'm sure everythign will be fine! Keep us posted on all of this, and know you're being thought of!


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