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my doc wants us to try two more months before hes willing to do anything

Apr 10, 2008 - 0 comments







Two week wait

blah!!!!  so I went to the doctor yesterday because he said if I hadnt gotten preg within three months of my mc to come in for an exam and what not so we could see whats up.  Well I went in and he said everything looks fine even though it took me a LONG time to get my first af ( I just had my first one 3/31 my mc was 12/26) Im just really annoyed... its been 5 months since i first got preg and My husband and I really want to start our family.  the thought of playing the heartbreaking waiting game again for two more months just blows.  Im sorry im just grumpy, i really wanted him to do more then a pelvic exam.. i told him i didnt even thing im ovulating and he just said give it time.  Ive been very patient and gave it three months, three very depressing hard months and to top it off i gained 5 freekin pounds since my mc.  GRRRR!!!!!! Im really hoping for some better luck this month, dh and I are having a hard time staying optimistic.

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