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Waking UP out of My Sleep!!!

May 01, 2009 - 0 comments

So last night I woke up with another anxiety attack. I usually call my husband at work,but this time he did not answer and I started to feeel a lil worse so i stayed focus and it took me 15 minutes to calm myself down and so I lyed down to go to bed again. It's so awful that this has been happing to me only in the evening's since the 11th of april. It wake's me up out of my sleep. During the day I can function ok just nausious most of the time but I don't let that get to me. I know it has to be from going from 40 ml to 10 ml of my medication. I'm just going to keep on trying on my cognitive therapy,relaxation's and breathing excersice's. I really want to conquer this with out going on a high dose of med 's again. My husband and I are tring to have another baby and I think If I'm on the meds there can be birth defects that's what I've been reading on online.
Anyways hoping tonight I can sleep the whole night without waking up.
Takecare to all my anxiety friends
God Bless:)

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